You may submit your prayer request over the internet to our Pastor of Prayer and Visitation, Rev. Edward Waite.  Please fill out the information requested on the Prayer Request Form.  Our prayer teams will be notified for unified prayer on your behalf.  You may also print your form and bring it to church with you.   Give to an usher, or place in offering basket.

iPray Today

An endtime initiative for 21st Century church to model after the 1st Century church, which PRAYED DAILY in the Temple and House-to-House. (Acts 2:42, 46; 3:1; 4:31; 9:40; 10:30; 22:17; 20:20) Would you consider turning your home into a House of Prayer?

South Bay Pentecostal Church is going Apostolic in method: Meeting DAILY in the Temple & House-to-House. Every day of the calendar will be covered with prayer -- -- either at the church campus or in various homes. VISION 2020 To establish points of light in every zip code across SoCal, sending a beacon to the 26 million that need Acts 2:38.

Enjoy the lesson below by Pastor Art Hodges III

This is an interactive lesson designed especially for Home Friendship Groups. It could also be used effectively for personal or family devotions, Sunday School class, prayer meeting, youth retreats, etc.

The idea for this thought came from Gerald Mangun through his son, Anthony Mangun, pastor of The Pentecostals of Alexandria (Louisiana), who shared that his father prayed after this pattern every day of his life. Pastor Anthony Mangun has since produced materials on this subject, though I have not viewed any of them. Thus, what is presented here is my summary adaptation of this thought, and so may not be exactly as presented by Anthony Mangun.

Trusting this will be a blessing to you, and to the Kingdom!


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