Serving our Community through Evangelism

South Bay UPC is actively involved in bringing Bible Salvation to our local community via many diverse ministries. The Outreach Ministry of South Bay is led by the Pastoral ministry team of John & Katy Scheneberg and Rev. Edward Waite. They carry a strong burden for bringing Holy Ghost anointed preaching and worship to those unable to attend our regular services.

CONVALESCENT MINISTRY - Revival has been brought to our dear disabled and elderly neighbors in numerous convalescent homes within our community.

JAIL MINISTRY - Services, Bible Studies, and Visitations take place at several local facilities, bringing the New Birth experience to inmates hungry for a new life.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH - Many individuals are brought the Word of God via Street Evangelism, Door-to-Door canvasing efforts, and Revival Outreach programs.

Bringing Jesus to our neighbors

Jesus was dedicated in bringing the Gospel to the people and that was passed on to the Book of Acts Church.

"And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers."  ACTS 20:20

THE LORDS HARVEST - A time where our church hosts a food distribution point in partnership with the San Diego Food Bank, followed my a Pentecostal Worship Experience held at 8:00 am every first Friday of the month.

SOUTH BAY GIVES BACK - Several initiatives throughout the year where SBUPC gives back with aid to those less fortunate whether financially or they are simply alone. Things provided are care packages, toys for kids, hot meals, warm blankets, job placement, and more.

HOLIDAY VENUES - You can count on SBUPC being your safe choice to enjoy a Harvest Festival on Halloween Night, Turkey Dinners during Thanksgiving, Christmas Plays, and much more.

South Bay